Elevate your day with POD

Contact-free massage in Brighton for your physical and mental wellbeing

Using cutting-edge technology, POD is changing the way we improve the health and happiness of our modern, on-the-go lifestyles.​

Starting from as a little as £15, a 20-minute therapeutic POD massage – equivalent of an hour with a therapist – will transport you away from the stress of daily life.

Elevate your day with POD!

The POD Experience


Think you’ve experienced a massage chair? Think again. Our pods are the latest patented technology you won’t find anywhere else in Europe!

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Massage Therapy with POD


Each of our nine therapeutic POD massage programmes are designed to relieve and improve musculoskeletal complaints, and to positively shift mental wellbeing. Experience a truly transformative massage in only 20 minutes.

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Light Therapy with POD


Non-invasive, and long-prescribed to remedy a wide variety of skin concerns, LED light therapy is the elixir for skincare. With different wavelengths of coloured light, LED face masks improve wrinkles and skin tone, and tackle acne-causing bacteria to name but a few benefits.

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Audio Therapy with POD


Deepen your POD massage by adding a POD Audio Therapy helping you access elevated states to calm, relaxation and focus.

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What our customers say…

This was quite frankly utterly amazing! It feels like a massage orgy for one - I will most definitely be back!

Stephanie Henley, via Facebook

My previous experience of massage chairs has been airports and hairdressers - this is definitely something else! ???? Loved my Unlax massage at POD this afternoon. Ridiculously relaxing. Thanks Alex!

Em Howcutt, via Facebook

Amazing! Alex really listened to what I wanted to achieve out of my massage today and the pod didn’t disappoint! Can’t wait to book my next one!

Dan Dan, via Facebook

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Massage for your physical and mental wellbeing

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